Used. I'm glad I spent the extra money as compared to those models costing less than $300. The store will give us 700 is we put the money towards a … Any idea how old this clarinet could be? Buffet had ample supply of the German-made E11 to last well over a year (at least in the US) so the E11 France didn't actually start popping up in the US until sometime in 2010. The E11 clarinet has been a recurring model from Buffet over the years, and about 2 years ago disappeared before making a return in early 2016 with a new refined design. Most directors want all the clarinet players on the same brand horn. Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Barrel 66MM. The mechanisms work very well. The E11 features grenadilla wood, silver plated keys, undercut tone holes and specially designed bore. and if it is from 1980 or newer (or 1970 and newer for the Buffet … Now, E10 has the same acoustic and technical characteristics as the E11, but the bell is made from ABS resin. I have a Buffet E11 with serial number B 205197 stamped "Made in France" just above the serial number. Hello all, I have a few years of clarinet experience but am very out of practice. $800 Buffet Crampon E11 worth it? I'd ask your son's future band director what he/she would like your son to play. I need to know if I should get store credit or sell it. 4x Point Rewards. The Buffet E11 is an established standard that many schools recommend for their students. was originated back in 1996 as a desire to track information that I received from Leblanc USA about one of my clarinets, my Normandy 4 that I bought from Mr. Herb Couf, Royal Music back in 1978. Also from that page, i am copying. Click here to get file. Used. In 1871, Leon Crampon became a partner. Jean Louis Buffet was already making musical instruments as early as the 1840's. Compare Compare Now site8prodJ23184. If your clarinet is age: general value Recommendations a top of the line wooden Buffet, Selmer Leblanc/Noblet, Yamaha, or other professional instrument For Buffet wooden clarinets, make sure that it is NOT stamped Made in Germany! The E11 in the key of A did have a small batch that was produced in France but primarily kept E11 A clarinet production with Schreiber in Germany as well. The E11 is thought of as Buffets “entry-level” wooden clarinet; the clarinet is designed with students in mind, and offers a step up from plastic models such as the Prodige. Demo - Buffet Crampon Tradition Bb Clarinet Nickel Keys S#728432 $ 5,027.00 $ 4,677.00 Add to cart; Sale! Open quick view dialog for Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Barrel 66MM. 3.5 of 5 stars (2 Reviews) Starting at $237.00. Demo - Buffet Crampon Tradition A Clarinet Silver Keys S#729376 $ 6,120.00 $ 5,500.00 Add to cart; Sale! All of my students play Buffet, and any student who cannot afford at least an E11 borrows one from me personally. Wondering if its worth reconditioning, or just going ahead and getting a new one for my daughter. 1966 buffet cron paris professional r13 bb wood clarinet. If you come across an "F" preceding the serial number of an R13, this indicates that the instrument has been built to an A442 - A444 … I'm looking to buy a clarinet (as I no longer own one) and am wondering if this is a good deal. Buffet crampon e11 clarinet serial numbers. Open quick view dialog for Buffet Crampon ICON Clarinet Barrel 65MM. How much do you think my brother's buffet e11 clainet is worth? Demo - Seles Presence by Selmer Bb Clarinet Silver Keys S#R02445 It's a wooden clarinet which has a noticably warmer tone. This results in a weight reduction while being able to take advantage of the sound qualities of a wooden clarinet.